TCN Company Profile

Practice Background

Our company was established in the former Transkei some 22 years years ago. TCN Architects was formed in August 1996 as a closed corporation, taking over from the partnership Tickle Chambers du Toit & Associates, who started practising in 1989. Incorporating the practice allowed for the inclusion of staff members in the ownership of the company.

In our continued efforts to provide excellence to the Eastern Cape region, our East London branch commenced operations during January 2007, with our Head Office still based firmly in Mthatha, Eastern Cape.

Office objectives and commitments

TCN Architects is one of the few architectural firms which has its head office in Mthatha. We have had association with offices in other regions, but the practice has always survived solely on income from projects in this region.

TCN Architects has developed privately financed projects in conjunction with local land owners for a number of years. We have completed in excess of 30 privately-funded developments on leased land owned by local businessmen and we have recently completed 10 development projects, bringing valuable investment to towns like Mthatha; Butterworth; Centani; Mount Frere; Port St. Johns; Flagstaff; Mbizana; Dutywa; Lusikisiki and Ngcobo.

Our private client base is mostly Transkei-based businessmen, and we have shown our commitment to the region by investing in our own office and residences in Mthatha. Our firm has been involved in many prestigious projects in Mthatha and has been awarded a number of design awards and prizes.

We pride ourselves in being the leading architectural practice in our region.