This award is given by the Border Kei Institute for Architecture (regional SAIA institute) to encourage and recognise good design or a noteworthy contribution in the field of architecture in the region.

The BKIA bestowed the award onto TCN Architects for the Corbett’s 6 on Sunset residential home.




This project saw a mundane and dated home not just being rejuvenated, but fundamentally altered to give it an entirely new identity.

Perched on a steep cliff opposite the Nahoon River, the original house had excellent potential but ignored the possibilities. While the original house was oriented to the south, the new design opens up to the north and west, making maximum use of a panoramic river view. This is now the focal point of the living area.

Careful attention to planning produces a seamless flow across levels throughout the interior of the building. This ease of access is allowed to continue to the outdoor living spaces through slide away glass paneling. These provide for an uninterrupted 270 degree view. Decks, which link the main living areas to the exterior, further ensure that the outdoors is an integral part of the living area.

Outdoor and indoor space if further integrated in the smaller bedrooms by sliding doors that fold away, almost unwrapping the exterior and creating the sublime feeling of being on a verandah and very close to one’s natural surroundings.

Another successful aspect of this house is the separation of public and private areas. Spatial hierarchy is well established between public areas and designated private nodes. This aspect brings the quality of time into the building’s experience as the building unfolds to the user.

The most striking building material is light itself – which determines the occupant’s experience through the full range of lighting moods.

The interior exudes warmth and personality, but at the expense of restraint. This however, comes as a welcomed change to a clinical status quo prescriptive to most contemporary work today.




The Mthatha Plaza received the following awards:

  • SAPOA – Regional Merit Award 2011
  • SAPOA – Winner 2011
  • BKIA – Regional Award for Architecture