Design Philosophy


Practicing excellent architecture in the wilds of the Eastern Cape is challenging, but with enough passion, it can be done.

Over the years we’ve learnt that not everything means something. But it’s all important. Our team takes apart design challenges to put them back together with innovation and flair… and without losing any pieces.

Green is just a colour. As is bright sunshine yellow and windblown blue. Our palette is ever more eco-friendly and sustainable. The use of natural, sustainable materials, lighting and ventilation will emphasise the importance of the structures we create.

We approach all of our projects with the utmost respect, and listen to the people and to the land… this is how we create spaces worth having. We believe that happiness comes from within. And we make buildings where it is easy to let it out.

All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable. – Frank Lloyd Wright

Dream big. We’ll design a solution to fit.